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Monday, January 1, 2007

Holiday Exhaustion

Twas the day after New Years and all through the house were messes and toys and my dirty blouse. The children are nestled all snug in their beds after 3 wakings each mom and dad have lost their heads!
So, I guess we're in post-holiday downer land. The kids are both ill and Mommy too. Jacob has a sinus infection. Keilani and Faye both have ANOTHER cold virus. Both kids had fevers. Jacob is having persistent nightmares. And it seems like the house will never get tidy again between all the new toys, Christmas decor, and my lack of energy to clean. And tomorrow is back to work again.
On the up side, Jeff had a very successful New Years hot dogging in Roseville- I even joined him for the midnight countdown! And we did have a wonderful Christmas. Aunt Judy, G-ma and Poppy joined us at our home to celebrate Christmas Eve. Santa came Christmas morning and we sang Happy Bday to Jesus. Then we enjoyed seeing almost the entire Reese clan on Christmas night in Paradise. Jacob had an especially good time with cousin Joey and kept asking about him in the days following. Both kids love all their new toys and haven't been bored since! Thanks to all for all the Christmas love!