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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not So Magic Glue

So, Jacob's magic finger turned out to be not so magic after all. He tripped on the threshold today and took a spill breaking open the dermabond glue job on his finger. So, we took a trip back to the doctor. She couldn't glue it again because it might trap germs inside, so she left it open and had it wrapped up really well in bandages. I have to check it for infection and re-do the dressing every day. *sigh*
Here he is now:

Pictures from Yesterday

Here are the pictures from yesterday- the glued together finger and then the fair pics.

Here are the pictures from yesterday- the glued together finger and then the fair pics.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Glued back together in the ER

So our calm morning at home ended abruptly today when I heard a piercing scream from Jacob which I knew instantly meant he was hurt. He had been out "helping" Grandpa with some yardwork- shoveling dirt for some planting Papa was doing. While Grandpa was putting topsoil on, Jacob was making a fort with all of Jeff's coolers on the deck. Grandpa continued planting and put the pruning shears down on the deck. Jacob picked them up and chopped open his pinky finger. It was ugly- blood pouring out all over. I could hardly bandage it because it was bleeding so much and the cut was on the tip which was an akward place to bandage.
So we weren't sure if it needed stitches, so I took him in to the urgent care at Kaiser Morse Hospital. It was a long 2.5 hour wait, but I'm glad we did. The Dr. soaked his finger in a saline/iodine mix. When it came out it looked so much better. The doctor said she had good news- Jacob didn't need stitches because she could use glue! What?
"Dermabond" to the rescue! So, she took out a superglue looking bottle and applied 3 coats. His finger is almost good as new! I've never seen anything like it. So, Jacob was glued back together and sent on his way.
We came home and followed through with our plans to go to the State Fair and had a great time. I'll post some pics maybe tomorrow.
Thank you, Dermabond!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First day of Kindergarten!!

Today was our first day of Homeschool Kindergarten. Jacob awoke to a fun back-to-school balloon and special first-day cookies. Jacob did a great job today. We did about an hour of school. He breezed right through the work and mostly stayed in his chair.
We are doing Scholastic Reading, McGraw-Hill Math, Kindergarten Standards for Science and Social Studies, and a Bible program called Discipleland- Old Testament Heroes. Jacob loves superheroes, so he really likes that one!
Today went by very smoothly and I'm excited to keep going!
Here's Jacob's first school paper- he was asked what his favorite season was and why.

Potty Training Yays and Woes

Keilani is doing a great job keeping her diapers and undies dry during the day. She is such a big girl!

But wait, it couldn't be so easy could it? No, there's more to the story. Our pretty princess has developed a nasty habit. It goes right along with her general messiness and love of gooshy mucky things. She sticks her hands in her dinner plates, she sticks her hands in mud, she sticks her hand in glue and paint. So doesn't it just follow to stick her hands in her stinky diaper? 4 times now we have had the wonderful surprise of cleaning up that mess. DISGUSTING! *ahh parenthood*

So, any great suggestions for hurrying the process of getting a child to do their business in the toilet?

The Sharks!

Jacob started his first year of "real" soccer on an under-6 team this year- The Sharks. He has a lot of fun and is pretty good at dribbling. He's very fast and he's scored a couple of goals at practice. His first game is next Saturday.