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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tee Ball comes to an end.

Tee Ball came to an end last week. Next year Jacob will move up to the "minors" where the kids pitch, there are 3 outs to an inning, and where you only get 3 chances to hit the ball! Tee Ball was so cute and fun. The kids never loose, they just have fun. Can't it stay that way forever?? Why do we have to move up to the world of competitiveness and disappointment? *sigh* It's like the end of innocence. . .

First Swim Day of the Season!!

We usually start swimming in May, but this year we had to wait until June! We had a swim party scheduled all season for the baseball trophy party. We weren't sure it was going to happen. One week before the party it was raining and we hadn't even uncovered the pool. Suddenly, the sun peeked out and the day before the party it was 95 degrees. We decided to test the water and it turned out to be GREAT!