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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mei Mei on the Move and Growing Up!

Baby Meigan's little personality is really starting to come out now. She is very curious and she really loves music. She went from no crawling to speed crawling and she can even get up the stairs.

She pulls up on everything. She can say Ma Ma and she tries to say "all done." She never took to pureed food, but she loves all the food we eat chopped up (and oatmeal too).

Meigan graduated to big kid bath time with her sissy. Here's a cute picture of the girls in the tub together.

Sick of Being Sick!!

Our house has been plagued with illness. Before Christmas all 5 of us had a cold- the girls had fevers on Christmas Day. New years brought a stomach bug. Then, just when everyone was starting to feel better another cold hit. This round ended up causing Jeff a sinus infection and Jacob an ear infection. We haven't been able to do our normal activities, play with our buddies, or even run around much. The kids have a coughing fit just walking down the street. * * * sigh * * * I hope that we can have a nice long streak of health after all this ends!!