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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!

January was the month of snow for us. We made 2 sledding trips and spent a few days in Tahoe in the middle of a winter storm. The kids loved being at the Condo- we brought the Wii and the place had an indoor pool- and of course jumping on the bed is only allowed at hotels, so that was fun too! The Tahoe weekend started with a girl's night and ended with a boy's night with me and the kids there in between. We had to pick one of the worst snowstorms of the season to go up in! Jeff came down the hill Tuesday- it took an hour to dig his car out and another hour + to get chains on before he even left the parking lot!

The kids had a great time at the snow sledding, catching snowflakes, and making snowmen. But Meigan was unimpressed. She said, "I no like snow." It was just too cold, too windy, and the clothes were too puffy! Maybe she'll like it more next year!

Big Boy Gym

Jacob's so buff!

Plugging Away!

The kids are making great progress in all they do.

Meigan is speaking in longer sentences (like "I want more snacks, Momma"). She is very curious and very busy. She's running circles around us, dancing, jumping, counting to 5, and even went pee on the potty! In the schoolroom she likes to pretend to be the teacher - she stands up and points to the map and says "ABC!" Meigan is in gymnastics class once a week and has a lot of fun.

Keilani is such a little joy. She is very imaginative and chats it up with dolls, stuffed animals, and of course all her friends! She knows all her letters and sounds and is starting to read short words. She loves gymnastics and Awanas and can't wait to go to preschool next year. She is a great helper and always giving me little love notes.

Jacob is really starting to grow up. He is doing so much independently now which is really nice. He will be six in February and will probably have lost his first tooth by then (the bottom 2 are loose). He is reading chapter books all the time- in fact he finished one it 2 sittings this week! It's great how much he loves books- the other day he didn't want to come eat pizza yet because he was too busy reading! Jacob is also in gymnastics and impressing us with his strength. He will start t-ball again in March.