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Thursday, July 22, 2010


So, I left Jeff with Jacob a couple of weeks ago and said "It's learn to ride your bike day!" I knew Jakey would do better without Mommy nearby- he tends to be a bit tougher with Dad. When I came home, Jacob wanted to show me his new skills. I couldn't believe it!! I guess I expected to hear horror stories and see skinned knees, but he did great. He sure picked it up quickly. Jeff had some great little tips he taught Jacob too. He's only been able to practice a couple of times since then because our street isn't great for riding. But his progress is amazing- he's so confident and proud! It brings tears to my eyes- it's one more sign that he's growing up.

11 Years an counting!!!

Happy Anniversary to us! We try to get away at least for a night every year on our day. This year we got 2 nights in Tiberon- across the bay from SF- it was super fun and relaxing. Every couple needs a weekend away at least once a year. Maybe a few times a year if you have 3 small children.

Happy 4th of July America!

Our 4th was pretty busy this year. We went to one parade as a family the week before the 4th (since Jeff always works all day on the 4th, this was extra nice!) On the actual day, Jeff worked his tail off while the kids and I went to the Carmichael parade at the end of our street. We had some friends over to swim after and then we decided to go over to Jeff's event in Rancho Cordova with Granny. It was a bit crazy out there for me with the 3 kids, but super fun for them. It's quite the celebration- tons of vendors, a carnival, and fireworks to finish it off. The kids all did well with the fireworks this year, Jacob even uncovered his ears for the second half! Meigan wasn't a huge fan, but there were no tears.

We had such a nice Father's day. It started with a special breakfast (Jeff's choice of course!) We showered Jeff with some fun gifts including a trophy for being Daddy of the Year! After breakfast, we headed up to Paradise to hang with my Daddy and the Reese family. Poppy and Jeff fished with the kids a bit, we ate some yummy food, and the kids had a blast with their cousin! And the weather up there was so gorgeous it makes me want to move back!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Keilani!

What a better fitting birthday party for the sweetest girl in the world than Strawberry Shortcake! We had our own strawberry patch for the kids to pick stawberries, a pinata, and lots of swimming! Keilani wanted cupcakes for her friends, but her own "special cake" just for her. Who could say no to that? Keilani was allowed to have 3 friends stay after the party for a sleepover. The girls made their own pizzas, watched a movie, and were asleep with no trouble whatsoever! We've been blessed with Kei Kei for four years- here's to many more!!


Here are some pictures of our first (hopefully not our ONLY) outing on grandpa's boat on Folsom Lake. It was a little too cold to swim, but the kids braved it anyway. Jeff took the kids on a tire swing. The water level was so high we could hardly believe it!