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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Keilani's on the Move!

Click on the video bar to the right to watch her go!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Waiting to breathe again.

I guess it comes with having two little ones, but can I get a breather please? *sigh* With a speed-crawler baby and a preschooler it seems like I barely have time to sleep anymore. Despite all this, yes I still want one more- so stop asking me already! It's exhausting, yes. It's frustrating at times. But it's all worth the precious kids that I have. They are wonderful and fun and I love them so much it hurts! Even though it will be an exhausting few years, it will be nice to have a big hussle-bussle family. I missed out on having brothers and sisters and I want my kids to have lots! They will not have any cousins their age either, so it's all up to us. We may be at our wits end a few times with 3 little Quayles, but in a few years it will calm down. I trust God to help us and keep us sane! Praise HIM for all our blessings now- and yet to come!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


J scores a goal and runs a victory lap in our backyard.

Spring Break

I guess I'm a lame blogger- I haven't posted since before Jacob's birthday. Oh well. Jacob is now 3 and he started preschool which he loves. Keilani is saying a few words- Momma, Daddy, Bye Bye, Hi, Dog, No no no, and all done. She wants to walk/run, but isn't quite there. She can stand alone for a long time, so it will probably be soon. She will turn one on June 11.
Our family had a nice spring break week. We started it by going to the snow on Monday and out on Grandpa's boat on Tuesday. Gotta love CA! Jacob did 4 egg hunts and received 3 Easter baskets totalling 2 pounds of candy. Good thing he likes to brush his teeth! The kids and I visited Uncle Roger, Aunt Janet, Cousin Hayley, and G-ma this week. The kids both loved their puppies- I think we may need one too! ;) Jacob had a great time with Hayley playing chase, reading books together, and even digging for worms!
This summer should be a lot of fun with the kids. We look forward to swimming and going to Hawaii!