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Friday, September 4, 2009

Lil' Gymnast and a Soccer Star!

This summer I asked Keilani if she wanted to do ballet or gymnastics. She did "fairytale ballet" about 3 times and loved it. But, one week the ballet room was closed and they let Keilani's class do gymnastics, and she was hooked! So, we switched over. I was really looking forward to the Nutcracker recital, but she's so full of energy that gymnastics suits her perfectly!

Homeschooling Adventures!

Jacob is officially a school-boy now! Kindergarten started 3 weeks ago. He's been doing a great job on all his schoolwork- lots of perfect papers! He got 100% on his first spelling and math tests! We are so glad we are home schooling. Everywhere we go we are "doing school"! At the zoo we were talking about whether the animals were mammals, birds, or reptiles. We are in the back yard planting seeds and watching them grow. And we can work with the kids right where they are at. Keilani is learning a new letter every 3 days and working on writing. Jacob is doing a 2nd grade reading program and first grade math. And of course we can talk about God's work as much as we want- the patterns on a snake in math, grace in the characters of a book, and the complexity of everything in science!

Granny's Surgery

Granny was diagnosed with Colon cancer this spring. But, Praise God she came out of surgery cancer free! She is recovering well and much more quickly than we all imagined! Yay for Granny!


We had a blast on a weekend camping trip this summer with a group of friends. We camped in Santa Cruz by the beach. It was a bit chilly until we drove up the coast a short ways to the beach. The kids had a blast playing with friends, climbing trees, making smores, and chasing the waves!

Celebrating 10 years in Cancun!

Jeff and I had a wonderful weekend in Cancun in July. We celebrated 10 years of marriage!