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Thursday, April 29, 2010

In February, we signed up for Disney's give a day, get a day promotion. Jeff, Jacob, and I each signed up to volunteer one day and received a ticket to Disneyland in return. We found a great volunteer opportunity that could be done at home on our time- making fleece tied blankets for "Binky Patrol," which gives homemade blankets to hospitalized children and teens. I thought this would be something Jacob could help with, but the ties were so short, he couldn't do tie them. He did pick the fabric and tighten the knots after I loosely tied them.

So, when our vouchers came we debated when to make the trip. We decided we'd try to beat the summer craziness by going on our spring break which was the week after most of the school districts around here. We found out, however that So. Cal had plenty of schools on break that week! Oh, well. Even though Disneyland's lines were pretty long, we still had fun! Keilani braved Thunder Mountain Railroad and told Jeff to put his hands up! Jacob tried out Indiana Jones, which he said was fun, but he didn't want to do any roller coasters after that! They all loved Peter Pan, Nemo, and It's a Small World. Meigan still goes around the house singing it!

To help cut costs, we stayed with my family (Aunt Janet and cousins Olivia and Haley) in Northridge- we brought tents and camped in their back yard! Disneyland was our first day, then we went to the La Brea Tar Pits and hit the beach and pier in Santa Monica. The kids sure loved the beach! They played in the sand for hours! The Tar Pits were pretty amazing too. Keilani refused to take her picture in front of the pit outside because it was "too sad"- it had a baby mastadon statue crying out for his mommy mastodon who was stuck in the tar. She is such a sweet and tender-hearted girl!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was a bit rainy this year! The Easter Bunny brought some nice baskets and eggs filled with goodies- he left a note saying he hid them inside this year because "he didn't want to get his paws wet!"